• Making Prison Healthcare Better: Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare

  • Posted on November 20, 2018
  • As part of the primary mission of Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY, the main goal is to help correctional facilities, like prisons and jails, meet their responsibility to provide inmates with high quality healthcare. This is a major challenge for most of them, but it’s a necessary element of developing and maintaining a corrections system that is both balanced and responsible to everyone in society. Quality Choice works from the perspective that it is extremely important to initiate and maintain open communications with all players in the correctional services field.

    It is important that everyone involved in any corrections facility create and maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone, by creating constant supervision and intervention services to deal with criminal offenders. For their part in that effort, what Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY actually does with their business model is to put in place quality medical services inside jails and prisons, especially those subject to significant budget restraints. They face challenges due to the high cost of medical transports, medical fees, staffing, and compliance costs.

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